“ HERE WE GO …  YES !  ….  AHHH ! ”  

The Best that Happy Hardcore has to offer. Both brilliant and Idiotic, I find myself giddy and energized by it.  Insanely fun.  You have to hear it to understand it.  Even then… no guarantees.  These guys are absolutely nutty. Their lyrics include lines like … “ No bad rumors or charges could make us stop.”  Uh … what charges?   Don’t mention it guys … Really don’t.

Their music videos often feature nudity, ‘F’ bombs, and such… maybe that’s why they have not become more of a household name. Uh… but not like the pre-existing household name of “Scooter” (the thing with wheels).

Originally taken from a Low Bias Cassette copy that was purchased at a black market in Russia, these songs have been mixed and remastered for your listening pleasure.

Their use of the English language is beyond quirky at times.  In spite of that … No… BECAUSE of that… I love this music that much more!   Having said all that, the music is awesome!  Check this trick of 22 minutes of Scooter….  Yesss !   Here We Go !!  Come On !!! … Well, you get the idea. Happy Hardcore with a twist of fromage for the finale ! Just sit back and enjoy.  Uh, well you won’t be able to “just sit” with this playing.  In fact, I dare you not to tap your toes even once!