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Audiobooks free our eyes from the burden of following words across a page.  They allow for freedom of movement as there is no book to hold in hand.  As practical as audiobooks may be, they have remained stagnant for far too long.  There is a new experience awaiting listeners … Cinema Sound Audiobooks.  The pages of the traditional tome are not only unbound, but the contents are evolved.  Sound Shield and Reluctant Antihero combine musical score and extensive sound design to create enhancements that simulate a cinematic experience. Reluctant Antihero’ is the reclusive wing of Sound Shield Studios which produces Cinema Sound Audiobooks.  Enjoy these samples…


Featured Audiobook: Shadows Over Sheredan

Shadows Over Sheradan is an epic fantasy adventure. Tasked with bringing Izzasha the Betrayer to justice by the Solarin ruler King Dershai, Prince Trigarius pursues her relentlessly. Izzasha’s trail leads the prince deep into the crystal Rings of Zalaghorn, where shadow creatures from another plane of existence have lain dormant for centuries, undisturbed. When an ancient seal is accidentally broken deep within a cavern on a remote asteroid, a deadly awakening is unleashed. If Trigarius and his team cannot stop the shadows in time, the world of Sheradan may be lost forever. 

– Scott Barker


Reluctant Antihero is the section of Sound Shield dedicated to producing Cinema Sound Audiobooks.  Music and sound design create an enhanced experience that is comparable to ‘theatre without visuals’

Cost of Power:  Shadows Over Sheradan is a fantasy novel that combines technology and magic.  In this excerpt, an obscene display of power reveals that there is a cost that must be paid when using magic.  The greatest of decisions incur the most severe of outcomes.


Starfire: The world of  Shadows Over Sheradan beholds masters of weaponry and those who are conductors of magic.  To defeat sinister forces, perhaps it will require someone who is both.  The question remains… would such an individual be capable of manipulating such power?  Soon, the answer to such questions would be made apparent.


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