Audio Post Showcase

Films, songs, commercials… regardless of the format, the term “Audio Post Production” refers to any sound treatment which occurs after the original source recording.  This commonly entails sound design, signal processing, audio editing, and mixing.

Audio Editing (Dialogue / Music / Sound Effects ) :

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Dialogue:  Vocal recordings often require editing in order to select best takes, meet timing requirements or to remove breaths and clicks. 

When language adaptations contain visual components, the synching of ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) is required. 

Sound Effects: Source sound may need to be synched to video across edit points, and recorded foley may need adjustments for timing.  The placement and duration of sound effects requires diligent attention to detail.

Music: Composers may deliver music that is accurately placed when created, but visuals can change and dramatic intentions may shift as well.  Adjusting the timing of musical elements is another form of sound editing.

Sound Design : 

Developing a pallet of sounds and applying them in context to the production is a very involved process.  Attenuating certain sounds and manipulating others is all part of the craft.  Sound design refers to the sonic treatment or implementation of any audio other than the original source sound.

Mixing & Stems:

The art of the mix is where the creative and the constructive culminate.  Vocals are comprehensible as the sound design grounds the content and the music compels the listener.  For language versioning, stems are used to isolate the elements of Dialogue, Music and Sound Effects.

The Audio Post Production Showcase

Sound Shield Studios has a very long list of productions which could be proudly displayed as selections for the audio post production showcase…  Considering that mostly all of the sound within this site feature examples of Robin Dumas’ work, one might consider the entire site itself to be the Audio Post Production Showcase.  Enjoy.

Featured Track: Ancient Future Modulations (Robin Dumas)

This compelling theme is from the feature film Each His Own Devil (2019) and occurs following a pivotal moment in the movie.  The theme recurs a number of times throughout the movie afterward. The tension resolves in a bitter realization and a push into action.