Graphic Arts Showcase

Award Winning Logos

Involvement with hockey jersey and merchandising design lead to a submission in a logo rebranding contest.  Robin Dumas (Sound Shield) was the winner of the 2018 Logo Design Contest for the RMHA Russel Warriors hockey league.  The final logo featured the Warrior’s helmet in full frame.  GO WARRIORS GO !


Other Highlights

Robin Dumas (Sound Shield) was commissioned as a colourist for a comic book production.  Robin was also involved in graphic design with E2 Construction & Renovations. He created sample images of job sites so that clients could see a variety of possible outcomes prior to the project’s renovation.

The creation of a new laser tag league required more than just team logos.  Numerous designs and graphics were created for ‘The Packs League’.  Promotions and instructional multimedia development involved many aspects of Sound Shield Studios … Video, Web, Music, and DJ Production.


Track: Introspective Renegade (Robin Dumas) This is the opening theme to the feature film Each His Own Devil (2019) and introduces the main characters, who have found themselves in a desperate situation.

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