Depeche Toi

DJ Preview – Depeche Mode Redux

I was reminded of some of the amazing music from “Depeche Mode” and enjoyed revisiting old favourites, finding various remixes, and discovering some new work from them that slipped by me at some point. In the past, I have incorporated their songs into DJ sets and reworked a track or two in studio, but I never attempted an entire mix that focused solely on the music of Depeche Mode. 

View of Depeche Toi ProTools Session

This production is like a “Secret Garden”.  It contains a reworking of several songs and remixes of various Depeche Mode tracks.  Obviously, none of these songs were composed by me, nor were all of the remix versions produced by me, however, throughout this set there have been numerous alterations and arrangements within the source music.  In the future, this mix may be imported into the Sound Shield DJ Playground and receive further treatment. For the moment, do not “Enjoy the Silence”, but rather enjoy this preview…

Depeche Toi Premix


There is no particular theme or message within the structure of this mix, just Depeche Mode flowing between the tracks. Please note: As this version is a premix, it is not considered final. Since this is still a work in progress, if you don’t hear one of your favourite songs in this mix… you might find it in a future update.  For now… Enjoy !